In this edition, Sarah, Pannill, and Harvey discuss Bess Rowen's article about affective stage directions in the new Theatre Journal, Noe Montez's recent report on job market statistics, and the prospect of a digital model for a major conference in our field. We also talk about the ASTR 2018 conference jeopardy.

Here are links to some of the things we talk about in this edition:

  • Bess Rowen’s article “Undigested Reading: Rethinking Stage Directions Through Affect”

  • Noe Montez’s address to the 4th Symposium of Doctoral Programs in TAPS

  • Laura Levin and Marlis Schweitzer’s anthology, Performance Studies in Canada

  • Brian Herrera’s #theatreclique roundup with links to tributes to Ntozake Shange and María Irene Fornés

  • Phil Burgers’ short film, The Passage